Danny DelPurgatorio

Creative Director

Beginning his career as a medical scientist, Danny is credited with saving countless lives by discovering the anti-bacterial properties of penicillin. Famously coining the phrase "my work here is done" he went on to become a pioneer of modernist painting. While his works are universally considered to be masterpieces, he is often most remembered for famously engaging in a public feud with Jackson Pollock over the merits of Abstract Expressionism (a feud believed to have contributed to Pollock's raging alcoholism). The original inspiration for The Starchild, Danny is widely believed to be the creative force behind KISS. 

He has owned four Toyota Matrixes and currently works as a Creative Director at Vitamin Pictures.

Brendan Eddy

CG Supervisor

Brendan’s beginnings were anything but humble.  Born into royalty, raised extremely catholic, and mentored by world leaders, Brendan spent his childhood attending the finest academies and schools the world has to offer.  As a teenager, Brendan decided to put all of his knowledge to proper use and began to pursue his one true love - black metal.  Within a year he was fronting 23 influential bands while simultaneously playing lead guitar in 22 of them, rhythm guitar in 19, bass in 16, and drums in 9, and a blood encrusted goat horn in one.  One fateful weekend in-between concerts, Brendan spent a hair under three hours writing his first novel, “A Treatise on the Nuances of Black Metal.”   This masterpiece debuted at number one on the New York Times Best Seller List, where it remains to this day.  When he’s not repairing laser printers, Brendan can be found practicing, and evolving, medieval long sword fighting technique. 

 He welds like no one’s watching, and is currently a CG Supervisor at Vitamin Pictures.    

Rob Foster

Senior Art Director

After flying with the Royal Air Force in World War II, Rob spent several decades teaching at Harvard Law. During this time he would enjoy a varied career as a diplomat - helping to form NATO and successfully intervening in the Cuban Missile Crisis, arguably preventing nuclear war. After writing a small screenplay called "Star Wars" for his friend George, Rob found himself looking for a new project and in the 1980's (without assistance from Al Gore), he invented the internet. 

He'll put parmesan cheese on anything and currently works as a Senior Art Director at Vitamin Pictures.

Sam Gierasimczuk

Associate Creative Director

After leaving Poland at age 11 and shortening his last name to Gierasimczuk, Sam took the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) by storm, becoming the youngest ever world champion.  He has successfully defended that title ever since, currently holding a record of 1,473 -1.  After his one loss, Sam shrugged and said that he "wanted to know what it was like."  As a hobby, Sam mastered the arts of Muay Thai, Kickboxing, and Taekwondo, eventually combining them into the world's most popular mixed martial art: Kick Muay-Kwondo Boxing.  An avid stand up comedian, he got his start writing now-famous material for Bill Cosby and George Carlin.  Sam is a world class dancer, but only if there's music playing.  

He'll get your cat out of a tree without a ladder, and currently works as an Associate Creative Director at Vitamin Pictures.

Ben Girdwood

multi-media artist

Better known by his stage name Yolandi, Benjamin T Girdwood III originally hails from a small farm in rural South Africa.  Arriving in America by sea in 1920, Ben took the new world by storm.  The phrase “The Roaring Twenties” actually refers to Benjamin’s famous decade-long habit of roaring like a lion for no apparent reason in speak easy’s across New York.  During that time he was responsible for the implementation and the end of prohibition.  Despite his many achievements, you probably know Benjamin as the greatest Cricket player of all time.  Ben loves earl grey tea, video games, and coffee - in that specific order.  Oddly enough he also really enjoys eating food, but only when he’s hungry.  

He’s got an adorable accent, and currently works as a Multi-Media Artist at Vitamin Pictures.

Lauryn Grimando


Growing up in Las Vegas, Lauryn became head of the Grimando "family business" at a very young age.  Alleging ties to various crime families out of New York, Federal agents tried and failed for decades to trip her up.  Their efforts were so fruitless that in 1982 when an officer issued a parking citation that was not suspiciously dismissed on technicalities, he was immediately hired by the FBI.  Alas, what happened in Vegas stayed in Vegas as Lauryn left to pursue professional tennis.  After 8 consecutive Wimbeldon titles, she decided to pass on her knowledge by founding the world renowned Grimando Academy of Tennis Excellence (GATE) in sunny Green Bay, Wisconsin.  It was there that she randomly chose exactly three young children to pass her knowledge to.  Their names; Pete Sampras, Andre Agassi, and Monica Seles.  

A rabid cheese-head, Lauryn recently joined the Witness Protection Program…  eh…  currently works as a Producer at Vitamin Pictures.

Tabia McCarty

3D Generalist

Tabia began her illustrious career as an overnight culinary sensation after developing “the drink of the century,” AKA, The Tabouleh Smoothie.  Soon after, Julia Child requested an internship and Andy Warhol was inspired to create silk screens based on food.  Over the course of the next several decades Tabuja would go on to become a world-class ukuleleist, a Google “Doc”tor, an operatic soprano, and the proud owner of the world’s most complete nail polish collection.  Her nicknames include, but are not limited to; Tabouleh, Tibia, Tah-Bee-Ya, T-Leaf, and The Mage.  

She exclusively uses inflatable furniture, and currently works as a 3D Generalist at Vitamin Pictures.